Track your own cars

Now you can track your personal car with PITS Track system.

PITS offers the latest cars tracking systems using the latest technologies with most accurate maps which cover the Palestinian authorty areas ,1948 areas , Jordan and the rest of the world .



With PITS TRACK you can :

1 - Locate your vehicle in real - time ( minute by minute ) and using the most accurate maps

2 - Know the speed of the vehicle in real-time , location and get real alerts ( SMS ) in the event of exceeding the speed limit

3 - Find out if the vehicle engine on or off at any time or location .

4 - Determine the path of the vehicle and get alerts in the event of going out with him .

5 - Determine geographicalof the vehicle and get alerts in case of exit or enter it .

6 - Protect your vehicle from theft and the possibility to stop the vehicle in a safe manner .

7 - Get the alerts in the event of disconnection of the car battery .

8 - Get alerts in the event of accidents , sudden Albraikat and to protect the vehicle and the driver .

9 - Know the distance traveled per trip and also the total trips carried out during the day or month and up to 3 months

10 - Detect oil pressure of the vehicle.

11 - Check the water temperature of the vehicle.