How to Buy?






First of all, you always deal with Pits ; there is no dealer or distributor. You, the customer, benefit directly from this type of relationship by saving and time.


Our units are manufactured to strict specifications and tolerances and tested to ensure quality before you receive them.

Moving forward

We developed the Pitstrack web-based tracking software . our software engineers continue to improve and enhance its capabilities.


You will not find any "fluff" at PITS; call us... we only have three (3) options on our phone menu so that you are quickly routed to the person(s) that you are seeking.



The purchase Process

The purchase process is fairly simple; here's how it works:

Step 1: Based on your inquiry ... fill out inquiry by clicking here or Call Us free 1800 12 13 14

Step 2: We follow-up with a call to ensure you received your quote and to offer a live demo.

Step 3: We send a sale engineer to help you determining your needs.

Step 4: You complete paperwork.

Step 5: We process your order and the onsite installation process starts.

Step 6: We call to schedule a live training session and to ensure there are no issues uncover in the installation.