Personal Tracking


From nowadays no need to worry about your children or even your employees
PITSONAL, is an ultimate tool for Tracking, Real Time Monitoring Individual gives you the perfect solutions.
Some times you need to monitor your children or your parent, PITSONAL system offers you the newest monitor and tracking system in high accuracy and free you and them from frequent phone or mobile calling, and without interfering in their privacy


PITSONAL Specification and Features
Monitoring persons through Satellite

Monitoring individuals through satellite by using GPS technology and from detailed maps and Google Earth maps.

Events Alarm

Personal Tracking System gives an ability to make events and get emergency alarm in events case, such as exit or enter an area (Selected Geographical Area), falling down, un controlled walking, running without reasons, in case of your children didn't reach their kindergarten or school, your employees didn't reach their place of work.

Body Alarms

Monitoring body, external sensors like sensor to measure heart pulse or the level of Oxygen in blood.
Also getting alarm when the device forgotten.

Additional Features

Personal Tracking system allows you to open a voice connection .

Ability to talk with device holder by using one button.
In simple way you can make alarms goes directly to your mobile phone or email .