Asset Tracking

PITSTRACK brings an effective new way to Monitor/ Track/ Investigate and Recover your Loaned Assets .
Simple Steps
Install PITSTRACK hardware in your asset
Create alerts in the software for e.g.. if machinery has moved/ vehicle has been stolen.
Be informed when any deviation from the prescribed activity to pre specified email addresses/ mobile nos
Reduce bad debts and increase profitability. Instant knowledge of location of assets/ability to control the assets through internet/ mobile through immobilization
Add more flexibility to your business with the knowledge of location and ability to recover assets with ease . Flexibility means more business.
Reduced accident fraudulent claims with the ability to investigate real time record on speed/ time/ location and driver
Prevent loss of asset through theft with the ability to locate/ immobilize and recover the asset. Reduced theft means increased profit.
Reduce re insurance cost with a reduction in theft and fraudulent claims.
Asset Tracking Works
How it works ?
PITSTRACK offers Monitoring, Tracking & Security service using cutting edge GPS & GPRS/GSM technology. The vehicle unit transmits detailed logs and vehicle related information to the Control Center which channelizes communication like instant alerts and warnings and real time tracking Data to user. This data can be accessed easily, anytime through a GSM enabled mobile phone or Internet. The PITSTRACK also co-ordinates events and communication between Security agencies, Response & Recovery Team and Vehicle Owner in case of emergencies.
Monitoring and control
Total Control, that's what PITSTRACK provides. Be it your personal vehicle or the one in which your family travels. It could be a commercial goods fleet, or even your debts and loaned Assets. PITSTRACK enables you to track, control and take right actions at the right moment. Save time, cost and effort , Take charge now ! 
•  Access and control vehicles from any Internet connected device (PC, PDA etc) via a password protected website. 
• Set a series of speed limit rules. This will allow reporting of the number of times a driver has exceeded a certain speed, and instant alerts when a certain speed limit is breached.
• Establish routes and rules to alert and / or report Route deviation. 
• Generate a range of reports by the driver and vehicle. Pin pads are installed in the vehicles, and the engines remain immobilized unless the driver enters the PIN. 
• Design and generate a range of MIS reports.
•  Emergency button for the drivers to request assistance or communication, Crash detector to alert on accidents.

Response & Recovery
PITSTRACK provides instant alerts in case of any deviation to the pre-defined route, leakage or other maintenance.
An easy simplified method in Recovery/Repossession of your Bad-Debts and Assets.
The location of the vehicle will not be disclosed to the Police unless the owner is contacted and verifies a theft event.
Any party other than the vehicle password holder cannot gain location or status information from the Control Center.
Our global and national presence assures a sound recovery and communication services with technical assistance.