Fleet Management


PITSTRACK is an ultimate tool for Tracking, Real Time Monitoring and MIS Reporting for an efficient Fleet Management. The combination of GPS & GPRS/GSM Technology in the VTU (Vehicle Tracking Unit) and Online Fleet Application provides :

User-friendly Web Interface that includes many built-in fleet applications.
Real time alerts on deviation of vehicle from the predefined Route Schedule, Over Speeding, Fuel -Thefts, Temperature Monitoring, Accident Alerts.
Immediate alerts can be sent directly to predefined numbers.
Automatic generation and delivery of MIS Reports through email.
Fleet Management Works :
How it works ?
PITSTRACKoffers Monitoring, Tracking & Security service using cutting edge GPS & GPRS/GSM technology. The vehicle unit transmits detailed logs and vehicle related information to the Control Center which channelizes communication like instant alerts and warnings and real time tracking Data to user. This data can be accessed easily, anytime through a GSM enabled mobile phone or Internet. The PITSTRACK also co-ordinates events and communication between Security agencies, Response & Recovery Team and Vehicle Owner in case of emergencies.
Fleet management features ?
View your vehicles, locations on a GIS map nationwide.
Recording and storing of up to 2000 positioning locations, Route traveled, speed & other parameters. No data is lost due to poor or no GSM coverage.
Set virtual geo fences, to alert when a vehicle goes out of pre-defined boundaries.
The ability set way point rules to alert when a vehicle:
Has not enter/left a pre-defined area by a pre-specified time;
Remains in a defined area for an excessive amount of time; or 
Takes an excessive / unusual amount of time to travel between planned stops
Fuel Sensor,To check fuel theft, contamination and usage.
Thermal Sensor,To provide instant alerts for high and low tempratures in thermal sensetive cargo.
Accident Detector, Detects Vehicle in case of an impact when an accident happens.
Set a series of speed limit rules, This will allow reporting on the number of times a driver has exceeded a certain speed, and / instant alerts when a certain speed limit is breached.
Establish routes and rules to alerts, and / or report on route deviation.
Track mileage, Track actual mileage through GPS @ +- 3%
Measure distance from key on to key off, and report generation by driver and / or vehicle.
Generate a range of MIS reports, These can be made available on demand to pre- scheduled and pre-defined address within the organization.
MIS Reports Includes, Vehicle History, Work-Time, Fuel Usage, Stoppage Time
Alerts for various mechanical warnings, Including low oil pressure, high water temperature, brake light failure, low battery and other warnings.
Instant Alerts when a certain compartment (or series of compartments) is opened. vital for critical high value transportation
View the vehicles from any Internet connected device (PC, PDA etc) via a password protected web site.
Vehicle operating status, provided at each transmission, including Ignition on / off, current speed, accurate odometer reading etc.
Security Related Features
Jamming Protection, Put to usage in case of Anti-Jammers placed for communication disruption.
Emergency Button, Support for emergency button to invoke an immediate high-priority transmission to the center.
Gradual-Stop function, Ensures safe & secure recovery of your vehicle
Fuel cut, Take control of any fuel thefts or other tampering.
Ignition immobilize, Turn off ignition from a remote location, if the vehicle is stolen.

Driver Protection
PITSTRACK offers two personal protection systems:
Panic Button: Used in life threatening situations, break downs etc. This enables the control center to make immediate contact with the customer for him to take appropriate action. 
Accident Detector: An optional G-force sensor will immediately send an alert to the control center in the event of an accident.
Remote Control
Remote control functions available through Internet/Mobile/PDA via Control Center includes:
Immobilization& Gradual Stop of Vehicle.
Activate / deactivate the siren
Activate / deactivate the Blinkers
Open / close the windows · Lights on or off · Lock / unlock doors
Request location of the vehicle
Response & Recovery
PITSTRACK provides instant alerts in case of any deviation to the pre-defined route, leakage or other maintenance.
An easy simplified method in Recovery/Repossession of your Bad-Debts and Assets.
The location of the vehicle will not be disclosed to the Police unless the owner is contacted and verifies a theft event.
Any party other than the vehicle password holder cannot gain location or status information from the Control Center.
Our global and national presence assures a sound recovery and communication services with 24X7 technical assistance.