Vehicle Protection

Vehicle Protection

The PITSTRACK System comprises a small, rugged virtually Undetectable Vehicle Command Unit (VCU) which gathers key security information from the vehicle and transmits that information back to control centre, resulting Instant alerts-on your Mobile, PDA or Internet. 
For things and people that matter to you, security becomes a priority. I will enable you to :
Track & Recover stolen vehicle.
Get instant alerts on thefts and accidents.
Take control of any fuel thefts or other tampering.
Turn off ignition from a remote location, if the vehicle is stolen.
Gradual-Stop function that ensures safe & secure recovery of your vehicle.
Set Waypoint Alerts.
Create Virtual boundary in which your vehicle operates and sound alerts when it is breached.
Track actual mileage through GPS @ +- 3%   View the vehicles from any Internet connected device (PC, PDA etc) via a password protected website
Vehicle Protection Works
How PITSTRACK works?  
PITSTRACK offers Monitoring, Tracking & Security service using cutting edge GPS & GPRS/GSM technology. The vehicle unit transmits detailed logs and vehicle related information to the Control Center which channelizes communication like instant alerts and warnings and real time tracking Data to user. This data can be accessed easily, anytime through a GSM enabled mobile phone or Internet. The PITSTRACK also co-ordinates events and communication between Security agencies, Response & Recovery Team and Vehicle Owner in case of emergencies
Driver Protection
PITSTRACK offers two personal protection systems:

Panic Button: Used in life threatening situations, break downs etc. This enables the control center to make immediate contact with the customer for him to take appropriate action. 
Accident Detector: An optional G-force sensor will immediately send an alert to the control center in the event of an accident.

Insurance Advantage

Risk of vehicle theft is reflected in insurance underwriting costs and theft excess. Some high risk vehicles are attributed theft excess as high as 30% of the purchase price. Some common problem in event of vehicle being stolen :

  • Inconvenience of filing Police FIR & processes.
  • Insurance Companies does not pay the claim before 6 months.
  • Possibility of misuse of vehicle during theft period.
  • Legal troubles in case the vehicle is involved in some illegal activity during the theft period.   
  • The reduced risk enables insurance companies to offer customers a range of benefits including reduced theft excess and reduced premiums.

Response & Recovery

  • PITSTRACK provides instant alerts in case of any deviation to the pre-defined route, leakage or other maintenance.
  • An easy simplified method in Recovery/Repossession of your Bad-Debts and Assets.
  • The location of the vehicle will not be disclosed to the Police unless the owner is contacted and verifies a theft event.
  • Any party other than the vehicle password holder cannot gain location or status information from the Control Center.
  • Our global and national presence assures a sound recovery and communication services with technical assistance.