Leasing Companys

Reduce bad debts and increase profitability. Instant knowledge of location of assets/ability to control the assets through internet/ mobile through immobilization
Add more flexibility to your business with the knowledge of location and ability to recover assets with ease . Flexibility means more business.


Reduced accident fraudulent claims with the ability to investigate real time record on speed/ time/ location and driver
Prevent loss of asset through theft with the ability to locate/ immobilize and recover the asset. Reduced theft means increased profit.
Reduce re insurance cost with a reduction in theft and fraudulent claims.


Services For Car Rental Companies:

  • Control of the vehicle tracking and fleet management in real time via the Internet page using vector maps, Google earth. The maps cover areas of the Palestinian Authority, Israel, Jordan and the rest of the world.
  • Monitor the speed of the vehicle in real time .
  • Know the mileage of each trip and also the total trips traveled during the day or the past three months.
  • Vehicle operating status, provided at each transmission, including Ignition on / off, current speed, accurate odometer reading etc.
  • Set virtual geo fences, to alert when a vehicle goes out of pre-defined boundaries.
  • You can also determine the geographical area of the vehicle to alert when a vehicle goes out of pre-defined boundaries.

Benefits for Car RentalCompanies

  • Stop the vehicle in case of the late client on the date of payment or delivery by remotely turning off the fuel pump
  • You can reduce number of visits to the mechanistic by keeping track of the vehicle's vital readings such as oil pressure water temperature, etc…
  • Making sure that your vehicle is not used for illegal purposes or criminal acts.
  • The possibility of reducing the value of the insurance claim .