PITSTRACK Product Features


Tested and Certified and most Private , Govt , and military labs.

Strong Customer base of one million satisfied users in 39 countries.

Product uses Ceramic chips instead of conventional chips being used in most contemporarily , similar products . Ceramic chips automatically shutdown the unit upon detecting a short-circuit to avoid damage to the unit , which is normally burnt down, during short-circuit in a vehicle .

Option to exercise built in commands like siren / blinkers / window lock-unlock / gradual stop / immobilizer Etc . To respond to various emergency situations effectively.

 A high end 24 bit Hitachi processor

 207 features allow a quick application . Virtually , in any field of , any industry .

 Ability to check on fuel pilferage.

  Real time alerts on battery / oil / water.

  Any deviation from the work plan , over rides normal data transmission e.g. Emergency button pressed / Route violation / not entering perimeter / not leaving perimeter / Speed violation etc. As the data is processed on board and not by the software it helps ,generate real time alerts avoiding the delays, which arise when data is first transmitted and is then processed by the software consuming a lot of time.

Anti jamming feature


 Motorola G 24 Top end modem .


 High quality , patented GSM antenna allows unhindered communication , though it is concealed behind dash board


  U - block SWEDISH GPS antenna which catches 9 - 14 satellites to give the precise location of the vehicle .


 Potential battery back up support for 3 days in case the unit is disconnected from the mains


Software support backed up with 4 data servers located in 4 different countries. This eventually helps us provide absolutely no down time while serving our customers in the critical function of security and live tracking


6  months data accessible on line .


 Ability to export to excel / CSV / integrate with any software .